Angry Pig Productions


Angry Pig Productions is a small company based out of Sydney, Australia. Created by Zac Warham, it was named after a high school nickname which stuck through his schooling. After doing a couple of projects for friends and family, it was time to start making a living out of the work. Our goal is to provide a variety of services in the web design and development space to clients across the country.

  • Web Development sample

    Web Development

    At Angry Pig Productions, back-end is our speciality with a particular focus on database management. Currently we do work in HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP for front end. However we are currently in the process of training our employees in React.

  • Graphic Design

    We understand that you can not have a website without graphics and thus we design all our graphics in house where possible. Have a look at our gallery in our projects section to see what we can do!

  • Games

    Game design is sort of our hobby project but we are in the works of releasing projects for Android devices soon. We also have a point and click adventure style game you can play here in your browser!